Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have met the most incredible person

Etta the Witch Sold Today and I do believe the nicest person in the world bought her. The buyer asked that I write "JoEtta" on the hat and she wants to give the doll to my aunt JoEtta. She would not take no for an answer so I will do as she asked but in return I am making her something very special. I still can't believe how nice a complete stranger can be to me and my family. She was made a big impression on me, one I will never forget and in her honor I promise to spread the same kindness and generosity she has given to me. I will post pictures of my aunt with the doll.

Thank you so much!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Etta the Witch

This is the first doll I've made all summer and it is for a very special reason. My aunt JoEtta was diagnosed with cancer in June and the medication is very expensive and their insurance won't cover it! I made Etta for auction on eBay and I'm donating the money to my Aunt JoEtta's "Get Well Fund". I sure enjoyed making Etta and I've got a couple of great ideas for more witches.

Been A While....

Time Flies! I've been so busy this summer I've not had a chance to stay up to date! I've been busy with my daughter and our horses and I can't believe school break is coming to an end. My daughter is happy but I'll be a bit sad. I like late summer nights and will be sad when they must end.

We did get a wonderful new horse! Well actually we traded horses. I had a really nice QH filly and I wanted an Arabian and I happen to come across a lady that had a Arabian that wanted a QH. She is so beautiful and we really like her a lot!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
Can I keep her Please....

Mother's Day Doll

For Mothers Day I made this cute pair of rabbits and it looks like the daugter has some talking to do if she wants to keep that kitty!